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D E S I G N  A N D  S O C I A L  E N G A G E M E N T

Can history help us to better understand ourselves and the future of our world? Can enhancing our knowledge of current and past events shape who we are and help us to learn more effectively from our mistakes? Does language define who we are and what we believe? Does information serve as a conduit for social change? These are just a few questions we can ask ourselves in our unending quest to become the most intelligent species on Earth. In fact, it is imperative that we seek this knowledge and that we do not waiver in our efforts to uncover the truths about our lives and our existence here. The answers to these questions lies within each of us, it is here a resounding roar of yes can be heard, it is here that History becomes our reality–the stuff in life that does define us, that tells us who we are and where we are going. It is specifically about this time–right now–it is about all we have learned from our past, our most recent past, it is about using that knowledge to forge a better base, a more thoughtful and exacted future, a path by which we can lead future generations – for the sake and longevity of mankind.

It is in The History of Now, that we can search, investigate and bring to light those events – that may have been misplaced, or forgotten or pushed aside by more important or more recent events. Here we can dissect and disseminate those narratives that have impact on our lives, that can help us to understand those very things that bring us together, those things that tear us apart. Here we can begin a process of healing through the systematic articulation of events as they unfold into our lives, to capture their significance and to learn from them. It is a history of our time, written in realtime, it is a history written by all of us–it is a ‘working history’ that utilizes knowledge of more local origins disregarding the stream of information that bombards us from larger entities. It is all of us who will define this history, and will ultimately decide how we will someday be perceived.

The History of Now is a continuous and unrelenting look into our history as it is being made, as it continues to evolve, as each day unfolds, as each month passes, as events reveal themselves – as people change the way things are. In THE HISTORY OF NOW we can make an effort to understand ourselves while documenting what life is really like – in this period of time we call NOW!

Graphic Design is a conduit for social engagement in our immediate vicinity, and is a perfect application for environmental messaging, to improve community relations.

The most important aspect of any successful
community is social interaction and
enagement for a healthy and productive
lifestyle. It is here that community starts
and it is here that graphic design can help
cities, towns and communitites to come
together through local projects, park and
urban area improvements, designated art
spaces and more. We are always about
helping out and doing more and living in
a large urban area there is no time for
complacency. That is why we are adamant

about affecting change through public
works and social interaction, and
non-profit support in our collective localities.
The History of Now is dedicated
to the greater good, to the environment
and bringing people together through art
and message. We seek out customers who
share our sense of love and respect with
our environments and are equally invested
in the idea that people are better when
they work together to solve our problems.

Design Environment

Branding for communities,
cities, parks, commercial
and private entities.

Design in Print

Editorial Design
Book Design
Ad Campaigns

Design & Architecture

Corporate advertising,
marketing, event graphics,
environmental design.

The History of Now is always looking for new ideas, so please drop us a line and let us know how we are doing.